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Raising Money from VCs shouldn't be rocket science!

Learn everything you need to know to master the art of fundraising and secure funding for your startup or the startups you're mentoring. Learn all of this from the best investors and founders!

  • Understand the other side of the table: Learn the practical fundamentals of venture capital and understand how investors think about investment opportunities.

  • Gain a clear understanding of your funding requirements, assess the fundraising landscape, and acquire the skills to craft your pitch and manage your pipeline for successful fundraising from VCs.

  • Understand the ideal fundraising process: preparation, step-by-step guide, practical actions before, during, and after, covering different methods to raise funds.

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The Curriculum

See here the full table of content of our course

    1. 2.1 Introduction

    2. 2.2 What is a startup?

    3. 2.3 “VC-backable” Businesses vs. "Lifestyle" Businesses

    4. 2.4 What is Fundraising?

    5. 2.5 Bootstrapping a Company vs Raising External Capital

    6. 2.6 Why is Fundraising Important for Startups?

    7. 2.7 The Startup Financing Lifecycle

    8. 2.8 Overview of different Funding options/methods

    1. 3.1 Introduction

    2. 3.2 Understanding VC as an Asset Class

    3. 3.3 Identifying Potential Homeruns and The Due Diligence Process

    4. 3.4 How VCs assess risk, rewards, & red flags

    1. 4.1 Introduction

    2. 4.2 Understanding your funding needs + setting goals

    3. 4.3 Understanding the fundraising landscape

    4. 4.4 Preparing your pitch

    5. 4.5 Preparing your pipeline

    1. 5.1 Introduction

    2. 5.2 Disclosure: there's a million ways to raise money

    3. 5.3 Understanding what a successful process looks like

    4. 5.4 Practical: Before beginning to fundraise

    5. 5.5 Practical: During the fundraise

    6. 5.6 Practical: After a Term Sheet is Issued

    1. 6.1 Introduction

    2. 6.2 Step #0: Lawyers, Lawyers, Lawyers

    3. 6.3 Understanding the Legal Aspects of Fundraising

    4. 6.4 Termsheets, Terms, Investment Vehicles, and Valuations

The Fundraising Blueprint

  • 10+ hours of recorded interviews with mentors
  • 100+ pages of content across 7 modules
  • Featuring 25 speakers from the industry

Fundraise like a pro

Learn from experencied investors, founders and lawyers.

Who's this course for?

  • Accelerator Staff

    3 month license

    Whether you are a program director or new to the startup world, this course will assist you in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the funding ecosystem.

  • Startup Founders

    12 month license

    This course will help you better understand the journey you’ll be on while raising money from investors.

  • Startup Mentors

    3 month license

    This course will give you the tools to help better the startups you’re mentoring and be an ally during their fundraising process.

The Fundraising Blueprint: Unlock the Secrets of Fundraising Mastery.